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University of Iowa Center for Human Rights

L to R: Deema Alkapalan, Brian Miller, Tom Farer, Nick Hallman, Andrea Cohen, Abbey  Moffitt, Drew Bloom, Shefali Aurora, Cindy Alkass

L to R: Deema Alkapalan, Brian Miller, Tom Farer, Nick Hallman, Andrea Cohen, Abbey Moffitt, Drew Bloom, Shefali Aurora, Cindy Alkass


Guest speaker at the March 7 public conference on human rights, Tom Farer, met for breakfast with a group of University of Iowa students, pictured above.



Initial Advisory Board Meeting

The UICHR Advisory Board held its inaugural meeting on December 2, 2013 at the East Side Recycling Center Environmental Education Center. Full board meetings will take place approximately twice per year.  Members gathered for a photo at the end of the meeting. Picture, left to right–Row 1: Kim Lanegran, Harry Olmstead, Maureen McCue, Burns Weston, Dorothy Paul, Jackie Blank, Greg Hamot. Row 2: Joan Nashelsky, Amy Weismann, Helen Dickson, Ann Ricketts, Alan Broday, Jordan Moody, Monica Moen, Sara Mitchell, Adrien Wing, Jim Leach, Jerry Schnoor. Row 3: Kelsey Kramer McGinnis, Brian Farrell, Paul Greenough, Jen Sherer, Fred Dietz, Hugh Ferrer, Len Sandler, Damian Bakula, Marcella David, Brian White. Not pictured: Loyce Arthur, Barry Butler, Mary Cohen, Shams Ghoneim, Nathan Miller.

UICHR Events 2013-2014

Below is a list of the events held during the Fall 2013 semester sponsored by the UICHR, or co-sponsored with other groups. The list also includes planned events for the Spring 2014 semester, though not all details are finalized yet for each event.  Further information on some of the events already held can be found on the News and Events page with the most recent events listed first.

1)      Sept. 4: Adrien Wing, “Arab Season: Future of Women’s Rights”, Southern Methodist University Law School, Dallas

2)      Sept. 11: Intervention in Syria: Law, Ethics and Policy, 1117 UCC, 7:30-9

3)      Mid-September through Mid-November:  One Community, One Book

4)      Sept. 19: Co-sponsored with Intellectual Dialogue Society: “Islamophobia: The Challenges of Being A Muslim In America”; 5:15 p.m., Room 107 English Philosophy Bldg

5)      Sept. 20: SOAR* featured on World Canvass:  “The Arts as Vocabulary”, Old Capitol, Senate Chamber

6)      Sept. 22: SOAR*, Katherine Eberle SOAR Recital, UCC Recital Hall

7)      Sept. 23: Jacqueline Asiimwe, “The Black Monday Movement: Re-energizing the Fight Against Official Corruption in Uganda”, 2390 UCC

8)      Sept. 23-27: Co-sponsor Josh MacPhee, Ida Beam Scholar, with School of Art and Art History

9)      Sept. 28: Cmiel Interns dinner with UICHR staff, interns, law RAs at East Side Recycling Center, 2401 Scott Blvd. SE

10)   October 3-8: SOAR*; Martha Redbone Roots Project; presented by Hancher at the Mill Restaurant

11)   October 4:  Adrien Wing, Latino Critical Theory Conference,  Chicago, “Presumed Incompetent:   Keep Calm and Carry On”  ( women of color  in the academy)

12)   Oct. 10-11: Prof. Jon Gould, American University, “Predicting Wrongful Convictions”, 5pm, Levitt Auditorium, (Brian Farrell will host)

13)   Oct. 15: Humanitarian Aid in Syria, N300LC, 7:30-9pm

14)   Oct. 15-18: Co-sponsor Larry May, Ida Beam Scholar, with Department of Philosophy

15)   Oct. 17: Human Rights Commission Conference on Minority Incarceration (Adrien Wing, keynote speaker) N300LC

16)   Oct. 22: Adrien Wing, Arab Season: “Future of Women’s Rights”, Texas A & M Law School

17)   Oct. 22-23: Ben Nabors, filmmaker, presents “William and the Windmill” followed by discussion, 101 Becker, 7pm; second showing on Oct. 23: West High Little Theatre, 6:30pm

18)   Oct. 24: Annual Human Rights Commission Awards Breakfast; Cmiel intern Misty Rebik wins the Kenneth Cmiel Award, nominated by Amy Weismann

19)   Oct. 24: Jim Leach, ICFRC Luncheon Speaker, “What is Old, New, and Unprecedented in America’s Relationship with the World”

20)   Oct. 26: One Community, One Book discussion at Iowa City Public Library, 10:30am, Meeting Room E

21)   Oct. 26: One Community, One Book children’s activity to make mini wind turbines, ICPL, 1-2:30pm, Meeting Rooms A,B,C

22)   Oct. 29: Burns Weston, ICFRC Luncheon Speaker, “Green Governance: Ecological Stewardship through Human Rights and the Commons”

23)   Oct. 30: Brian Farrell, CLE presentation on post-conviction relief procedure at IA State Bar Assn. Nuts & Bolts Seminar

24)   Nov. 8: Intra-campus Convening 2013: “Asking the Big Questions, Challenging the Status Quo: Human Rights and the Humanities in the University”, 2390 UCC

25)   Nov. 8: afternoon: Midwest Coalition of Human Rights (MCHR) Convening

26)   Nov. 11: James Yee, “Guantanamo: Justice and Human Rights” C20 Pomerantz Center, 7pm

27)   Nov. 17: SOAR*, Johnson County Landmark, Englert Theatre

28)   Nov. 19: ”Inequality for All” film; co-sponsor with Public Policy Center, Englert Theatre

29)   Nov. 19: International Day for Iowa middle school students at the Marriott Hotel in Coralville

30)   Dec. 6-7: SOAR*, Chiara Quartet, Bartok Cycle, Riverside Recital Hall

31)   Dec. 7-8: Global Education Teacher Institute directed by Greg Hamot

32)   Dec. 10:  SOAR*; UDHR Anniversary/Human Rights Day, Riverside Recital Hall

33)   Jan. 23, 2014: Amy Weismann speaks to Iowa City Rotary Club on “Immigration as a Human Rights Concern”

34)   Jan. 23: Co-sponsor, “Crisis in Syria: Iowa City Responds” Old Brick Church, 6:30pm

35)   Feb. 5: Co-sponsor, Film screening, “Unmanned: America’s Drone War”. 1505 Seamans Ctr, UI Campus, 6:30pm

36)   Feb. 11: Co-sponsor, Film screening. “American Promise” at the Englert Theatre, Iowa City, 6:30pm

37)   Feb. 12: Burns Weston will present his new book, Green Governance, on intertwining environmentalism, human rights, and ecological governance. 1117A University Capital Centre

38)   Feb. 13: Introduction to Islam with Adrien Wing and Sara Ghadiri, 301 Lindquist Center, 6:30-8pm

39)   Feb. 14: Deadline for applications for funding for UICHR Working Group Initiatives–extended to March 24

40)   Feb. 17: Burns Weston at Cedar Falls Public Library, 524 Main St., 7pm, “Green Governance: Survival in Commons”

41)   Feb. 21: Black History Month speakers; Memphis 13 documentary with University of Memphis Law professor Kaniel Kiel (filmmaker) and Sharon Malone and Sheila Conway, members of the Memphis 13 who desegrated the Memphis Public Schools in 196, 12:40pm at College of Law Rm. 245

42)   Feb. 25: Co-sponsor, Workshop on Gender, Conflict and Citizenship

43)   Feb. 25: Jim Leach, The Looting of Art: a Shivering Glimpse into Nazi Avarice, noon-1pm, Pappajohn Education Center, Des Moines

44)    Feb. 26: Co-sponsor, film screening–”Who is Dayani Cristal?” with React to Film Iowa, 8pm, IMU Illinois Room

44)   Feb. 28: SOAR*, Jupiter Quartet, Riverside Recital Hall

45)   March 3: Co-sponsor, United Against 377? The Politics of Resistance to India’s Sodomy Law, 1117 UCC, 4-5:30pm

46)   March 4: Sowing Struggle: Social Movements and the Future of Corn in Tlaxcala, Mexico, co-sponsor

47)   March 7:  ”Do Human Rights and National Security Coincide: the Case of Syria” with keynote speaker Tom Farer

48)   March 8:  Invited conference on Human Rights Education and the Academy

49)   March 7-8: Co-sponsor, “Pill and Pen: Contraception and Unwanted Pregnancy in Global Literature and Popular Culture”

50)   March 18: “Life in the ‘New’ Bulgaria”, talk by Brian Farrell to Amnesty International, Cedar Rapids

51)   March 26: Co-sponsor with Art and Art History: Laurie Jo Reynolds, Legislative Artist who participates and intervenes in government systems, with the goal of concrete political change.

52)   March 27: Community Forum: Right to Health in the Shadow of War: Global Perspectives with speakers from Global Health Conference, 7:30-9pm, Hillel House, Iowa City

53)   March 28: Brian Farrell–“Human Rights: From International to Iowa,” Indian Hills Community College Diversity Conference: Diversity, Equality, Education, Ottumwa, Iowa.

54)   March 28-30: Co-sponsor, Global Health Conference, Battlefield Earth: Global Health and Violent Conflict

55)   March 30: Performance of Vang play, a drama about recent immigrant farmers, 10:30am,  W10 Pappajohn Business Building

56)  March 30: Brian Farrell, “International Human Rights Protection,” St. Paul Lutheran Church, Davenport, Iowa, March 30, 2014.

57)   April 8: SOAR*, “The Crossroads Project” with Fry Street Quartet, College of Public Health Callaghan Auditorium

58)   April 10-20: SOAR*; Slaughter City, Theatre Building

59)   April 14: Visit of  Abdul Fattah Abu Srour, Director of  the Alrowwad Culture and Theater Society (ACTS) in the Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem, 7pm, Iowa City Public Library, Meeting Room A

60)   April 17: Adrien Wing, ICFRC Luncheon Speaker, “The Role of Women in Egypt since the Revolution”

61)   April 18: Co-sponsor, “Women in Politics 2014: Historic and Current Perspectives”, with Public Policy Center, 9:15am-6pm, Old Capitol

62)   Sept. 26: Conference on Muslim Women at College of Law, cosponsored with the Journal of Gender, Race & Justice  and the Journal of Transnational Law & Contemporary Problems

* SOAR=Series on Arts and Rights, co-sponsor events with Division of Performing Arts 2013-2014


Celebration of the 80th birthday and scholarly career of  founder Burns Weston

Celebration of the 80th birthday and scholarly career of  founder Burns WestonUICHR founder Burns Weston celebrated his 80th birthday with staff and UI law faculty in early November.  On that occasion, the UICHR cosponsored a conference featuring participants in the Transnational Law and Contemporary Problems journal Festschrift issue that was published in Professor Weston’s honor in Spring 2014. Participants included Iowa law professors Jon Carlson, Marcella David, Bill Hines, Adrien Wing, as well as Georgetown law professor David Stewart.

UICHR Staff L to R: Greg Hamot, Joan Nashelsky, Amy Weismann, Brian Farrell, Burns Weston, Nathan Miller, Adrien Wing, Kelley Winebold, Jim Leach. Not pictured: Kelsey Kramer

UICHR Staff L to R: Greg Hamot, Joan Nashelsky, Amy Weismann, Brian Farrell, Burns Weston, Nathan Miller, Adrien Wing, Kelley Winebold, Jim Leach. Not pictured: Kelsey Kramer

UICHR announces advisory board members

We are pleased to announce the following people have joined our new advisory board. This distinguished group includes UI faculty, staff, and students, as well as Iowa City and Cedar Rapids community members. See photos and bios of the board members here.

Professor Loyce Arthur, UI Associate Professor of Theatre Arts; Damian Bakula,  second year UI law student; Jackie Blank, real estate broker; Alan Brody, former UNICEF officer; UI Provost P. Barry Butler;  Professor Diana Cates, UI Professor and Chair, Department of Religious Studies; Professor Mary Cohen, UI Associate Professor of Music Education; Helen Dickson, UI Senior;  Associate Dean Marcella David,  UI Professor of Law and International Studies;  Professor Frederick Dietz,  UI Professor of Orthopedic Surgery;  Hugh Ferrer,  Associate Director of the UI International Writing Program;  Shams Ghoneim,  President of the ACLU of Iowa Board of Directors and a member of the Iowa City Human Rights Commission; Professor Paul Greenough,  UI Professor of  History;  Professor Kimberly Lanegran, Coe College Associate Professor of Political Science;  Professor Maureen McCue, UI Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor in The University of Iowa Colleges of Public Health and Liberal Arts and Sciences;  Professor Sara  McLaughlin  Mitchell, UI Professor  and  Chair  of  the Department of Political  Science;  Monica Moen, Esq.; Jordan Moody, third-year UI law student; Harry Olmstead,  Vice-Chairperson of the Iowa City Human Rights Commission;  Dorothy Paul, former Executive Director of the Iowa United Nations Association; Ann Ricketts, UI Assistant Vice President for Relations and Communications in the Office of the Vice President for Research; Professor Len Sandler, UI Clinical Law Professor;  Jennifer Sherer, Director of the UI Labor Center;  Professor Jerald Schnoor, UI Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Occupational and Environmental Health; and  Brian White, Esq.,  UIHC Senior Assistant Director and Legal Counsel.

Message from the Director


It gives me great pleasure to become the Director of UICHR.  I have been involved as a board member since the founding of the Center and feel honored to follow in the footsteps of Professors Burns Weston, Ken Cmiel, and Greg Hamot, all extremely effective and dedicated to the Center and the cause of human rights around the world.   All of us on staff  are excited that a way was found to continue the important multidisciplinary work of the Center, while basing it within the College of Law. We are delighted that we will maintain the office at the Old Capitol Center as well as a new one at the College of Law.   We are engaged in strategic planning that will build upon the Center’s heightened capacities in personnel and resources.  We encourage you to contact us with your ideas as we move forward.

Adrien K. Wing

Director, UICHR

Bessie Dutton Murray Professor of Law


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