Please complete this form for your Event/Class/Meeting that requires Law Services

 This form contains several sections that will expand based on your answers throughout the form.

Please select a date and reserve a room before completing this form.

Setting the date(s) and reserving rooms is the first step to planning an event. Please check the College of Law Calendar of Events to avoid dates for which other events have been scheduled. Care should also be taken to ensure that your event doesn't occur on a religious holiday. The Equal Opportunity and Diversity department suggests the following site for a comprehensive list of holidays

Information on Reserving a Room
After you have date(s) selected, the next step is to have a space to hold the event. The College of Law uses an event planning program called EMS Lite.
Faculty, Staff, and Student Organizations have been set up with a username and password for EMS Lite. Your username is your email address, or your group's email address. If you don't know your password, try the "email me my password" link on the EMS Lite homepage. If you're having trouble, please contact Michelle Christensen at (319) 335-9034 for assistance reserving a room.
Be sure to check EMS for other events that may not be published in the online Calendar of Events. Some non-public events and meetings are not published on the calendar so checking EMS Lite is an important step in planning your event.
Using EMS Lite you will submit a room request. Instructions are available online. If you need more than one room for your event, you will need to submit multiple requests. You will receive an email confirmation once the reservation has been approved.

Full Form

(use your account if possible)
(e.g. GRJ Symposium, Faculty Speaker, etc...)
If multiple days, enter each date and the time the event will run on that date. For example: 09/01 8-10:30am, 09/02 9-11am and 09/03 10am-noon
(How many will attend?)

Video Needed


The College of Law IT and Video Departments make the following software available on all Ed Tech and Laptop/Projector Cart computers: Microsoft Office 2013 Suite (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Publisher), WordPerfect X7, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Internet Explorer, FireFox.
Please ensure that your presenter’s materials will work with these software packages.
If your presenter wishes to use their own laptop for their presentation, please ensure that they arrive a minimum of one hour before their presentation to test that their laptop will work with our systems. Also if the presenter has a Mac laptop, please ensure they have a VGA adaptor to connect their laptop to our systems.
As a backup they should bring their materials on a USB Key (Flash Drive) so they can be easily transferred in the case of an incompatibility.

(This is the person who will be trained how to use the video and/or computer equipment in the room)
Examples would be a Webcam or Polycom Video Conferencing hardware.
For Skype calls you must have your own Skype account. Please visit to create an account .
Reasons why you might select "No" are that you have already tested connection or you have recently called this person so you know it works.
All tests need to be held at least 4 hours before the meeting's scheduled start time. Please have a backup plan in place in the event that a VC connection isn't possible.
Rarely, but sometimes, Internet connection go down, computers crash or some other problem prevents the connection. Please arrange a backup plan, just in case.

The College of Law Video Department uses the lecture capture software, Panopto, for recording all classes and events. Panopto is a self service program which allows you to start and stop recordings yourself using the software loaded on the computer in the room. The Video staff can schedule training with you and/or your tech contact as needed.

You may select "no" because you or someone from your group is already familiar with Panopto and how to start and stop a recording and therefore don't need additional training.

IT Needed

Guest Wireless is available through AT&T Guest Wireless. Please visit the ITS Helpdesk for instructions or call 4-HELP (319-384-4357) for assistance.

Food Needed


You are responsible for purchasing the food and beverages for your event. This link contains more detailed information on this process as well as a list of vendors and contacts.

Parking Needed


Parking at the College of Law is very limited. Public and metered parking is available in Lot 14 on Melrose Avenue or in the parking ramps located next to the Field House and UIHC. If you have special guests or speakers and would like to request parking, please check "yes" below and complete the necessary information.

NOTE: Each parking pass has a cost associated with it. Julie will explain these costs as well as the parking options available to you.
NOTE: If parking varies by guest you can indicate the number of days next to their name above.

Unused parking passes must be returned to Julie Kramer. In some instances parking passes will not be available and your guests may be asked to use the public or metered parking. Public parking is available in Lot 14 on Melrose Avenue or in the Parking Ramps by the Field House and UIHC. Once this form is submitted, Julie will receive your email will contact you with additional information regarding parking as well as answer any questions you may have.

Room Setup Needed

For example: Wheelchair access, physical impairment, etc...

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