University of Iowa law school partnership will let Coe College undergraduates earn bachelor’s, law degrees in six years

The University of Iowa College of Law and Coe College in Cedar Rapids have entered into an agreement that will allow undergraduate students at Coe to earn both their bachelor’s and law degrees in six years.

The 3+3 program will allow qualified undergraduates from Coe admission to the College of Law after the conclusion of their junior year, and the credits earned during their first year of law school will also apply to their undergraduate degree.

Gail Agrawal, dean of the College of Law, says the program will allow qualified Coe students the opportunity to receive their bachelor’s and JD degrees after six years instead of seven, saving a year of tuition and other costs. It also gives those students a one year head start on their law career.

“This is not a program for every student, but for the right student,” says Agrawal. “Those who might be a good fit for the program are highly motivated and certain that law is the path for them.”

The program will allow Coe students to apply to the UI law school at the start of their junior year, instead of their senior year. If they are accepted, they would begin attending law school during what would have been their senior year.

David Hayes, the Louie J. and Ella Pochobradsky Associate Professor of Business Administration at Coe, serves as the college’s pre-law student advisor and is a UI College of Law graduate himself. He says the program will improve the longstanding relationship between the college and the law school.

“As both a graduate of Coe and the University of Iowa College of Law, I am pleased the two institutions were able to creatively seek a new avenue that will help students acquire a first-class education for less time and expense,” Hayes says. “Scores of Coe alumni have continued their education at the Iowa College of Law, and this step enhances that relationship.”