Meet Brian Hook, ’99

Brian Hook, (’99), has been surrounded by law and politics for as long as he can remember. As a child growing up in a family of lawyers and elected officials, he admired their many accomplishments. After receiving his undergraduate degree, his own experience in politics began when he worked at the White House, followed by stints on Capitol Hill, and with the governor of Iowa. Eventually, he realized that a law degree was the missing piece to a better career in public policy.

“My early experiences made law school far more worthwhile and meaningful than going straight from college,” said Hook. “I enjoyed everything about law school, and what I learned there has been valuable at each point in my career.”

Since 2009, Hook has been helping corporations and nonprofits expand their operations into new countries. He has also been active in humanitarian projects, working mostly in sub-Saharan Africa to reduce deaths caused by cervical and breast cancer. “We launched the Pink Ribbon-Red Ribbon Partnership last year after raising $85 million, and we’re already saving lives through increased screening and early detection efforts,” said Hook. He is also working to create innovation centers within UN refugee camps to improve the lives of people displaced by wars and natural disasters.