Meet Ashley Gleckler, ’15

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Undergraduate Institution: Arizona State University
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Science in Computational Mathematical Sciences

Did you enter law school immediately following your undergraduate degree?
After receiving my undergraduate degree, I debated between pursuing a doctorate degree in applied mathematics or a law degree. While I was making my decision, I worked for three years as an office manager at a small collections agency in Arizona, Solberg & Kennedy, LLC. I learned a lot about contracts, the collections industry, as well as general accounting work and administration of a business.

What made you decide to pursue a law degree?
While I was working at the collections agency, I enjoyed learning about the intricacies found in different types of contracts and the regulations that controlled them, like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. I realized that I could use the analytical skills and logical mindset, which I developed in my undergraduate math courses, and continue to learn about legal concepts by pursuing a law degree.

Why did you apply to the UI College of Law?
Before I visited, I had standard reasons: the law school’s long-standing reputation, the affordable tuition prices compared to other out-of-state schools, and an interest in exploring places other than Phoenix. When I attended Admitted Students Day, my decision was solidified. I realized how much the faculty invests in the success of the students – even the design of the building encourages student-faculty interaction. The intelligence and friendly demeanor of the other admitted students is what I want in future cohorts. In addition to the people, there is an incredible law library and legal writing program.

Do you know the area of law that you would like to practice?
I want to explore how contracts and health law can coincide. I am keeping an open mind. I want to return to Phoenix to practice law, so I will research which areas of law will be most successful there.

What has the first semester been like for you?
It has been a whirlwind with orientation and classes. The professors are enthusiastic about the classes they teach. I understand the material (so far), and the cases we are assigned to read are actually fun. I am excited to get more involved, so I volunteered for Trial Advocacy as a juror, and I am working with the Citizen Lawyer Program to organize the Spring Break Service Trip to Chicago (Alternative Spring Break) for 2013. I do not think I could have asked for a better beginning.