Meet Nichelle Closson, ’13

Hometown: Lamoni, IA
Undergraduate Institution: Graceland University

What’s great about being a law student at the University of Iowa?
I really enjoy living in Iowa City. I came to the law school from a very small rural town so the change of pace was nice. I love football season and even when it gets colder there is always something to do. The law school puts on a ton of social events, from the Barrister’s Ball to the weekly law night; I never run out of things to do or people to talk to.

When you began your first year, what surprised you about the College?
Everyone is really helpful. The upperclassmen and professors alike are always willing to answer questions and help you ease into school. There is a bit of culture shock coming from undergrad to law school, but everyone at Iowa is really welcoming and it helps the process to be a lot less painful.

What do you like to do when you are not studying or in class?
Iowa City is awesome. Between the mall in Coralville, the outlet center in Williamsburg, and the shops downtown, the shopping is amazing. I shop a lot, go to movies, and love going out to eat. There are four fantastic sushi restaurants in town and I try to get sushi at least once a week.

What made you decide to attend the University of Iowa for your law degree?
Iowa is one of the best schools in the Midwest. Our professors are experts in their field and the class size is small enough that you get tons of individual attention. I want to go into either corporate or tax law, and Iowa is a great school for those specialties. You can’t beat the in-state tuition either.

Do you feel the faculty is accessible?
The professors are great and I have built friendships with a couple of them that I know will last after I graduate.

Are there opportunities for practical experience?
Definitely. I would encourage everyone to do appellate advocacy during their second year. It doesn’t take the entire semester and you get to prepare and argue a brief that deals with a real-life scenario. I also really enjoy writing for a law journal as it helps me build skills that I otherwise might neglect.

You’re involved in many extracurricular activities, how does this enhance your Iowa Law experience?
I love to stay involved. The activities at the law school helped me make some good friends during my first and second year. I really need something other than classes to help me blow off steam and keep my sanity. I’ve really enjoyed my experience here and would recommend it to anyone looking for both an excellent legal education and an exciting three years in a college town.