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Eye of the Beholder: The Impact of the Media on Self-Image

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A recent commercial by Dove shows how women tend to perceive themselves as less beautiful than strangers perceive them to be. The advertisement uses a forensic artist to create the image of an average women based first on the descriptions given by the women of their own appearance, then based on a the descriptions given by …

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The Civil Commitment of Sexually Dangerous Predators: Civil or Criminal?

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By Journal Student Writer Genevieve Craggs The civil commitment of sexually dangerous predators is a practice that is widespread across the United States, both on a federal level and on a state level. In United States v. Comstock, the Supreme Court found that the civil commitment of sexually dangerous predators was constitutional under the Necessary …

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There’s Something About Ryan?

Paul Ryan

By Journal Student Writer Tyler Coe Paul Ryan is undoubtedly physically fit. Just looking at Ryan, voters can tell he takes care of his body. And if you do not happen to take notice of his body, Ryan will let you know. He likes to reminisce about his marathon time, which causes voters to wonder …

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California Sued Over Conversion Therapy Ban


By Journal Student Writer Courtney Thomas-Dusing California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed into law a ban on gay conversion therapy for minors (“The Act”). Conversion therapy is used to “turn” Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual (“LGB”) individuals straight. The bill cites ten American health and medical associations who have adopted positions against conversion therapy because of the …

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Sorry, Rush. We All Know Your Misogynistic Comments to Sandra Fluke Were Not a Fluke.


By Rachel Friedlander, Student Writer for The Journal of Gender, Race & Justice Last week, fellow student writer Rachel Donahoe wrote a great post about the misogynistic rhetoric plaguing our current political atmosphere.  Well, this week Rush Limbaugh upped the ante, taking this rhetoric to a whole new extreme.  In discussing the now-infamous all-male panel …

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Safe Zone Project


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The Gay Panic Murder Defense Is Alive and Well

By Maureen Brocco, Student Writer for The Journal of Gender, Race & Justice In early February 2008, a fifteen-year-old boy named Larry asked a fourteen-year-old boy named Brandon to be his valentine. On February 12, 2008, Brandon and Larry were in the computer lab with dozens of other middle school children for their English class. …

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Dear Abby, I would like to apply to be a part of the LGBT community, but I’m worried I’m not gay enough. Please help! Sincerely, Bisexual in Boston.

Mikaela Shotwell, Senior Note & Comment Editor   This week, Lada Gaga took to defending and defining her role in the LGBTQ community. “¿Por que?” you ask? Me too. Here’s the short version: she just isn’t quite gay enough. Sure, Gaga is sexually attracted to women. In fact, one Top 10 single—“Poker Face”—is purportedly about …

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