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Morning-After Pill Decision Good for the United States

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By Journal Student Writer Courtney Thomas-Dusing Earlier this month a United States District Court from the Eastern District of New York ordered the Federal Drug Administration to make the morning-after pill (such as the Plan B One Step and also known as emergency contraception) available to anyone without a prescription. This decision is huge for women …

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The Case for Equal Rights for Infertile Husbands and Wives: New Jersey’s Intervention into Surrogacy Contracts

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By Journal Student Writer Tai Blas Twenty-five years after the first American case to consider surrogacy, surrogacy laws remain unclear. Artificial reproductive technology continues to outpace the law, raising important questions. In the 1988 case In the Matter of Baby M, Mary Beth Whitehead signed a surrogacy agreement to carry a child for Elizabeth and …

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Integration of Abortion Services into Hospitals: Preserving Safety and Privacy

Graph courtesy of http://feminist.org/rrights/clinicsurvey.html

Graph courtesy of http://feminist.org/rrights/clinicsurvey.html By Journal Student Writer Jessica Morton The National Abortion Federation reports that from 1977 to 2009 there were over 6000 reported acts of violence against abortion providers in the United States and Canada. Most vivid and recent in the collective conscience is likely Dr.George Tiller’s murder on May 31, 2009. However, …

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Sorry, Rush. We All Know Your Misogynistic Comments to Sandra Fluke Were Not a Fluke.


By Rachel Friedlander, Student Writer for The Journal of Gender, Race & Justice Last week, fellow student writer Rachel Donahoe wrote a great post about the misogynistic rhetoric plaguing our current political atmosphere.  Well, this week Rush Limbaugh upped the ante, taking this rhetoric to a whole new extreme.  In discussing the now-infamous all-male panel …

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Misogyny Multiplies as Election Politics Take Hold

All Men at a Hearing on Birth Control Coverage in Congress…originally tweeted by Planned Parenthood.

By Rachel Donahoe, Student Writer for The Journal of Gender, Race & Justice As evidenced by JGRG’s February blog, this has been active month for social issues. Iain Johnson was correct that despite the dismal economy, social issues remain at the forefront of election politics. In a thinly veiled effort to rally the conservative base, …

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Stealing Womens’ Autonomy

Photo courtesy of the Huffington Post

By Joe Fraioli, Special Guest Blogger for The Journal of Gender, Race & Justice Last year, the Journal of Gender, Race & Justice at the University of Iowa College of Law held a symposium entitled “War On . . .,” detailing the way in which “war on [insert social issue here]” rhetoric is used to …

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It’s Not About the Economy, Stupid!


By Iain Johnson, Student Writer for The Journal of Gender, Race & Justice While many predicted that social issues would take a backseat to the economy this election cycle, this past week demonstrated that social issues are alive and well in American politics. This past week,  Rick Santorum, a favorite among Evangelical Christians for his …

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Let’s Put Breasts Before Tests: LSAC Refuses to Accommodate Breastfeeding During the LSAT


By Rachel Donahoe, Student Writer for The Journal of Gender, Race & Justice If you’re breastfeeding (or planning on breastfeeding) and want to apply to law school, the LSAC (Law School Admissions Council) has made it even tougher for you to sit through the already grueling LSAT exam. An ACLU blog reports that LSAC refused …

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Deception, Lies, and Manipulation: Behind Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Jennifer C. Wang, Note & Comment Editor 2010-11 JGRJ Board Crisis pregnancy centers (or CPCs) are organizations that purport to provide women with unwanted pregnancies with all of their choices. They are standing propaganda machines, styled to look and appear as if they exist to help women by providing diapers and infant clothing in …

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Progress for Women in the Military

-Jennifer Wang, JGRJ Student Writer 2009-10 Sunday, February 28, 2010 Recently, the Department of Defense decided to stock emergency contraception to dispense to members of the military in hospitals and health clinics around the world. This occurred during the aftermath of several Bush Administration attacks women’s health, including federal regulation that gave …

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