Volume 38,  Issue 1 | Fall 2012


Questioning Authority: The Crucial Link Between Board Power and Process
Nicola Faith Sharpe
38 J. Corp Law 1 (2012)

The False Promise of Risk-Reducing Incentive Pay: Evidence from Executive Pensions and Deferred Compensation
Kelli A. Alces & Brian D. Galle
38 J. Corp Law 53 (2012)

The Bizarre Law and Economics of Business Roundtable v. SEC
Grant M. Hayden & Matthew T. Bodie
38 J. Corp Law 101 (2012)


Section 421: China’s WTO Noncompliance and the Protection of U.S. Corporate Interests
Michael W. Bouts
38 J. Corp Law 139 (2012)

Tax Strategy Patents After the America Invents Act: The Need for Judicial Action
Nichelle Closson
38 J. Corp Law 159 (2012)

Generic Drug Manufacturer Liability: Achieving a Balance Between Consumer Affordability and Safety
Sarah S. James
38 J. Corp Law 177 (2012)

Janus Capital Group: How “Making” a Statement Leads to Insulation from Liability
Colin Talia  
38 J. Corp Law 197 (2012)