About Us

The Iowa Student Bar Association (ISBA) acts as the student government at the law school and is both a collective voice for the student body and a source of organization and funding for a variety of college activities and programs. ISBA is governed by an executive council consisting of a president elected at large and representatives elected from each class. The summer class will elect one representative after about five weeks of class. The fall class also elects representatives in September who serve until a new president and council are elected in February.

The ISBA provides opportunities for students to get involved, be informed, and have fun. Opportunities for involvement come in the form of becoming class representatives and serving on the faculty-student committees that deal with a variety of concerns, including admissions, curriculum, financial aid, and career services. ISBA brings in speakers and sponsors events with other organizations. On the fun side, ISBA annually sponsors social events throughout the year. ISBA also administers the Boyd Service Award.