ISBA Annual Food Drive Final Tally

The Final Standings for the ISBA  Annual Food Drive are:

  • 1st: PHIDS (904 points)
  • 2nd: Christian Legal Society (522 points)
  • 3rd: Equal Justice Foundation (513 points)
  • 4th: J. Reuben Clark (233 points)
  • 5th: OWLSS (231 points)
  • 6th: Iowa Law Review (169 points)
  • 7th: Black Law Student Association (59 points)
  • 8th: Military and National Security Law Society (57 points)
  • 9th: ISBA (38 points)
  • 10th: Intellectual Property Law Society (35 points)
  • 11th: TLCP (27 points)
  • 12th: JGRJ (15 points)
  • 13th: Latino Law Student Association (4 points)

A big thank you to all the participating organizations and donors!

foodThe Philanthropy Committee is conducting an all-school food drive to collect nonperishable food items, personal hygiene items and monetary donations.

Since we’re law students, we’re going to do this the competitive way. The organization that brings in the most non-perishable food item wins and can lord its donation-getting prowess over all the others. So in the spirit of helping your fellow people – and beating your fellow law student – please donate!!

Items will be accepted from November 18 – December 3 in the lobby of the law building.

Top 10 most desirable donations, as listed by the Crisis Center, include:

1. Financial Contributions; 2. Canned Fruit & Juice; 3. Canned Meat & Peanut Butter; 4. Hearty Soups and Stews; 5. Canned Vegetables; 6. Toilet Paper; 7. Baby Formula; 8. Baby Diapers (size 3 and up); 9. Laundry Detergent; 10. Pasta & Rice

Donations will go to Johnson County Crisis Center.

Competition Rules:

  • Donors can contribute their donation towards the tally of one or multiple organizations if they choose, although they do not have to specify an organization for their donation. Donors will be able to allocate the total number of points towards either one organization or divide the points at their discretion among multiple organizations.
  • A tally total will decide the winner & each item will count for one tally (or $1 for one tally). A signboard will note the organizations with the highest tallies for the day & will remain up before finals to recognize the organization with the most donations. All members of the law school community — students (members of organizations or not), faculty and staff are encouraged to donate items!

Point allocations for items:

4 Points

  • Baby Formula (per 23 oz.)
  • Cleaning supplies (per bottle, container, or tool)
  • Fruit, canned
  • Meat, canned
  • Peanut Butter (per 16–18 oz. jar)
  • Other items over 32 oz. not listed above or below

3 Points

  • $1
  • Diapers (per individual diaper)
  • Fruit juice, canned
  • Laundry Detergent (per 15 oz.)
  • Soups & stews, hearty
  • Vegetables, canned
  • Other foods over 16 oz. not listed above or below

2 Points

  • Toilet Paper (per roll)
  • Drinks, individually packaged (i.e. 8 oz. Gatorade packs)
  • Pasta & rice dinners (per box or bag, not including Ramen)
  • Rice (per 16 oz.)
  • Soup, non-hearty
  • Other goods in packs of multiple items

1 Point

  • Granola bars (per individual bar)
  • Ramen Noodles
  • Other individually wrapped foods in packs or boxes