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In The News: 03.20.11

There is plenty of news to review this week. For instance, Japan has moved eight feet since the last "In The News" post.

On Friday March 11, Japan experienced the largest earthquake in recorded history that also generated a tsunami that destroyed many Japanese coastal communities in a matter of seconds. While that alone is tragic enough, the country continues to face the posing threat of leaking radiation from damaged nuclear power plants. How much radiation is actually leaking and the extent of the resulting public health crisis remains unclear.

The damage and destruction in Japan is tragic, but the response of the Japanese people has been endearing. Donate here.

The bigger news, at least in regards to international law, is the passage of a UN Security Council Resolution 1973. This resolution authorizes the creation of a no fly zone over Libya with the sole purpose of protecting Libyan civilians. Of course, the definition of a no-fly zone is open to interpretation. Omar Qaddafi learned that it extends to his compound center as operations intensify.

Of course, whether international forces should be involved in a Libyan civil war is open to debate. What happens after the end of the no-fly zone is also open to discussion. This article describes the numerous factions in Libya that could join together or divide the country to form a new status quo.  The upcoming weeks should be very interesting.


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