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In The News: 01.12.11

It is a new year and a new semester. I've been enjoying some rest over break, but I am back and so are the posts. We have some great alumni interviews, foreign exchange student interviews, information about abroad opportunities and another message from Dean David's Desk on the way, but first, the news.

As one nation votes to create a new government, another dissolves. We've been following the democratic process in southern Sudan for months now. Over the past few days, Sudanese men and women in southern Sudan are voting yes or no to succeed from the Sudanese government in Khartoum. The results have not been released, but an overwhelming majority are expected to support succession. If the vote goes as predicted, the new southern government will have to negotiate with Khartoum on where to draw borders and how to handle citizens of the new southern government who will be located north of the border.

At the same time, the Lebanese government has dissolved because Hezbollah has left the national unity government. The Lebanese government will most likely need to elect a new prime minister in hopes of moving past government paralysis.

The European Court of Human Rights upheld Ireland's strict abortion laws. Click here for a short summary and analysis from our very own Professor Estin.

Hungary is facing criticism from other European Union for its new media law. The law grants a government-appointed media commission the authority to fine media companies who break certain rules (not defined), requires media outlets to have balanced reporting, and subjects journalists who refuse to share information sources to punishment. According to The Economist, the EU has few legal remedies to challenge the Hungarian law.

Finally, The Economist has an excellent overview of the European economy. In addition to the overall global recession, the European Union has been struggling to save their currency.  Nobel Peace Prize winning economist, Paul Krugman, wonders if Europe can be saved?

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