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In The News: 09.26.2010

Israel will renew settlement expansion into the West Bank despite calls from the U.S. and other nations to extend a moratorium on development.

President Obama recently held discussion with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao about re-evaluating the yuan. Even though China announced in June that they would ease the yuan-dollar peg, currency evaluation is far off.

The Japanese Coast Guard released a Chinese fisherman after the Chinese government placed economic sanctions on rare earth exports to Japan. The arrest of the Chinese trawler captain has renewed territorial tension between the two countries.

Southern Sudan will be voting on independence from the Sudanese government in Kahrtorum in January. The Economist profiles all the ways it can go wrong. The election will take place in light of the recent troubles in Somalia to establish a functioning government. For a several-post discussion on what constitutes a failed state and why failed states are important, click here.

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