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In The News: 06.28.2010

The big news this week was US General McChrystal's big Rolling Stone debut. If you haven't read it yet, click here. McChrystal was released from his position as head of US forces in Afghanistan by the President because of McChrystal's comments in this article. President Obama's statement on McChrystal's release is here.

This is an interesting article about how the law is empowering India's poor to hold their government accountable.

Last week, I posted some information about Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project. This week, Opinio Juris has a great breakdown of Morrison v. National Australia Bank. Read it here. Scalia's opinion creates a new test for whether a 10(b) claim should be heard by a United States court depends on whether the transaction takes place in US exchange markets or not. Scalia believes that 10(b) claims only applies to US purchases and sales.

Finally, be careful who you teach international law to.

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