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Honor Role of Contributors

Donate to the Iowa Law Review

This honor roll gratefully recognizes contributors to the Iowa Law Review through the Iowa Law School Foundation. The first list recognizes those University of Iowa Law alums who qualified for membership in the Herbert F. Goodrich Society through commitments to the Law Review of $5000 or more. The second list recognizes all those who made contributions to the Law Review of $100 through $4999 from July 1, 2008, through June 30, 2009.

Additional support for the Iowa Law Review is needed and welcome. Like the Iowa Law School’s other student journals, the Law Review relies on private support from alumni and friends to cover publishing costs and operating expenses. While gifts at all levels are appreciated, special recognition is given to those Law alumni whose commitments of $5000 or more qualify them for recognition in the Goodrich Society. The society is named for former UI law faculty member and dean Herbert F. Goodrich, who founded the Iowa Law Review in 1915. For more information about the Goodrich Society, or about making an annual contribution, multi-year pledge, or planned gift in support of the Law Review, contact any of the staff of the Iowa Law School Foundation at 1-800-648-6973.

Donations can also be made online through the Iowa Law School Foundation’s website. Click here to support the Iowa Law Review with a web donation.

Members of the Herbert F. Goodrich Society

Donald P. Chehock, Class of 1931
Justin W. Albright, Class of 1933
Arthur H. Jacobson, Class of 1934
Ray V. Bailey, Class of 1937
Leo E. Fitzgibbons, Class of 1939
Eugene F. Scoles, Class of 1945
David C. Duncan, Class of 1947
Philip W. Tone, Class of 1948
G. Duane Vieth, Class of 1949
E. Eugene Davis, Class of 1951
Donald P. Lay, Class of 1951
John A. Stichnoth, Class of 1951
George W. McBurney, Class of 1953
John E. McTavish, Class of 1954
J. Stuart Smith, Class of 1959
John J. Bouma, Class of 1960
Richard R. Albrecht, Class of 1961
Donald R. Harris, Class of 1961
Robert E. Bouma, Class of 1962
Robert T. Berendt, Class of 1965
Joseph D. McDevitt, Class of 1965
John Rashke, Class of 1967
Randall P. Bezanson, Class of 1971
H. Mitchell D’Olier, Class of 1972
John C. Monroe, Class of 1972
Shawn B. Thompson, Class of 1972
Michael C. Hallerud, Class of 1973
Gerald D. W. North, Class of 1975
Ronald J. Brown, Class of 1977
Allan V. Hallquist, Class of 1980
Janet S. Sanderson, Class of 1982
David J. Schulte, Class of 1986
Elizabeth R. Boyd, Class of 1987
Thomas H. Boyd, Class of 1987
Samuel A. Thumma, Class of 1988


Boyd, Elizabeth R., St. Paul, Minn.
Boyd, Thomas H., St. Paul, Minn.
Bye, David, Fort Collins, Colo.
Dendinger, Matt J., Alexandria, Va.
Dick, Anne B., La Jolla, Calif.
Dick, Charles H., Jr., La Jolla, Calif.
Donnelly, Matthew J., Coralville, Iowa
Guernsey, Alison K., Iowa City, Iowa
Hilkin, Michael J., Sunnyside, N.Y.
Leitch, Evan J., Evergreen, Colo.
Mandelbaum, Joshua, Iowa City, Iowa
Martin, Patricia J., Johnston, Iowa
McDevitt, Joni L., Elm Grove, Wis.
McDevitt, Joseph D., Elm Grove, Wis.
Olszewski, Julie M., Silvis, Ill.
Pope, John Houston, Montclair, N.J.
Reese, Jessica, Minneapolis, Minn.
Scudder, Jeffrey A., Phoenix, Ariz.
Shaw, Christopher G., North Liberty, Iowa
Shaw, Kristin M., North Liberty, Iowa
Taylor, Amy M., Atlanta, Ga.
Thumma, Samuel A., Phoenix, Ariz.
Varol, Osman Ozan, San Francisco, Calif.
Wickham, Heather M., Burke, Va.
Wickham, Thomas J., Jr., Burke, Va.
Willis, Kristie D., Omaha, Neb.
Willis, Sherman P., Omaha, Neb.