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About The Bulletin

Established in 2009, the Iowa Law Review Bulletin is the online companion to the Iowa Law Review and is designed to broaden scholarly discussion and perspective concerning articles printed in the Iowa Law Review. The Bulletin supplements the Law Reviewby providing short, timely responses of recently published articles in the Law Review. Authors ofBulletin responses are experts in their relevant field and are able to add valuable insight and perspective to the issues raised in the Law Review’s printed articles.

The Bulletin offers authors a quicker approach to publication and an opportunity to contribute relevant ideas that may not lend themselves to the traditional law review article format. The Bulletin publishes responses as PDF files on a rolling basis throughout the year. Responses should be less than 5000 words and lightly footnoted. All pieces will be edited by Iowa Law Review staff.

The Bulletin is formatted in the same manner as the print publication. Pieces appearing in the Bulletin should be cited as follows:

Randall P. Bezanson, Introducing the Iowa Law Review Bulletin, 95 Iowa L. Rev. Bull. 1 (2009),