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New Bilateral Adoption Agreement for Russia and the US

After more than a year of negotiations, the United States and Russia  signed a bilateral agreement to strengthen procedural safeguards in adoptions on July 13, 2011.  The new framework “will largely eliminate independent adoptions from Russia” and will improve post-adoption reporting and monitoring.  There was this announcement from the State Department  which links to a series of [...]

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Mexican immigration to US is down, but the birthrate is up.

     Here’s a report released by the Pew Hispanic Center on July 14 showing that during the period from 2000 to 2010 the Mexican-American population increased by 4.2 million as a result of new immigration and by 7.2 million as a result of births.  The study notes that “[t}his is a change from the previous two [...]

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French Feminism after L’Affaire Strauss-Kahn

Elaine Sciolino has this very interesting analysis of “Fault Lines in France on Women” (NYT July 14, 2011) to mark Bastille Day.

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Russian Abortion Law

Russia’s new law restricting advertising of abortion services is discussed in this article: Sophia Kishkovsky, Russia Enacts Law Opposing Abortion (NYT July 15, 2011). This is part of a larger policy initiative by President Medvedev to boost Russia’s falling birthrates, and observers suggest that additional legislation is in process.

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