The Writing Center’s 25th Anniversary Open House

You’re invited to the Writing Center’s 25th Anniversary Open House

When: 12 – 3:00 Tuesday, August 26

Where: 480 BLB (next to the 4th floor student lounge)

What You’ll Find:
     • Food
     • Useful handouts about writing to help 1Ls in the opening weeks
     • Professional staff to talk with about your writing concerns

We look forward to seeing you Tuesday!

Want To Be A Juror?

The Trial Advocacy Program is looking for students to participate as jurors for the final trials. Watch student advocates complete a jury trial and then you decide the verdict.

Final trials are September 3, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. This activity qualifies for Boyd Service Hours.  Please email by Aug. 30th if interested.


If you already have a scholarship or a fellowship that pays your full tuition please do not apply for these scholarships. All scholarship recipients will be required to write thank you letters to the generous scholarship donors or their designee(s). The response deadline for all scholarships is Wednesday, September 3, 2014. If, based on the description, you meet the minimum qualification(s) for a scholarship, please put the name(s) of the scholarship(s) in the subject line, attach your resume and a brief explanation of how you meet the criteria (make sure your name is on each page of the explanation) and e-mail to . Some scholarships may have additional criteria or preferences too numerous to include in this notice. You will be contacted if we need additional information.

Supreme Court Day 2014

The University of Iowa College of Law will celebrate Supreme Court Day, the College’s oldest tradition, on Thursday, September 11, Friday, September 12 and Saturday, September 13, 2014. The event commemorates National Constitution Day.

The Supreme Court Day schedule is:

Thursday, September 11, 7:00 pm
Public Oral Arguments, West High School Auditorium, 2901 Melrose Avenue, Iowa City

Thursday, September 11, 9:00 pm
Public Reception; location tbd

Friday, September 12, 1:00 pm
Public Oral Arguments, Levitt Auditorium

Friday, September 12, 2:00 pm
Student Oral Arguments, Levitt Auditorium

Friday, September 12, 7:00 pm
Dinner at faculty homes

Saturday, September 13, 12:30 pm
Supreme Court Day Cookout in Law School Courtyard (sponsored by Shuttleworth and Ingersoll Law Firm)

Saturday, September 13, 2:30 pm
Iowa v. Iowa State University football game

All of these events (except the football game) are free to law students and their guests. We need reservations, however, for the dinners in faculty homes on Friday evening so that we can spread the numbers evenly among the faculty hosts. Please complete the reservation form and place it in the collection box in the Dean’s Office by 5:00 p.m., Friday, September 5. Assignment lists will be posted and maps to faculty homes will be distributed to student mail folders at the end of the day on Thursday, September 11.

Q&A Discussion with Justice David Stras

Justice David R. Stras of the Minnesota Supreme Court will be meeting with students for an informal discussion on Thursday, August 21 in room 275. Come with questions for Justice Stras!  This program will start at 1:30 pm. Light refreshments will be provided.

Please RSVP in Symplicity! Anyone needing an accommodation in order to attend should call (319) 335-9011 to arrange.

Spring 2015 Tentative Class Times

 The tentative times for the spring 2015 classes is now posted to the COL web site at   Look at this to make sure you won’t have any class conflicts in the spring or conflicts that might affect what you take this fall semester.

Class Ranking Information after spring 2014 semester

Class Ranking After Spring 2014 Semester

Students in the top 10% of their class will receive an email letter with their exact rank.

The grade point average at the 12.5% and 37.5% follows:

Cass of 2016 – 12.5% GPA is 3.70; 37.5% GPA is 3.44; based on 92 students.

Class of 2015 – 12.5% GPA is 3.66; 37.5% GPA is 3.46; based on 150 students

Class of 2014 – 12.5% GPA is 3.77; 37.5% GPA is 3.51; based on 177 students

Online System for Clerkship Application and Review

2Ls (class of 2016) can now register for an OSCAR account to search for post-graduate federal clerkships. Be sure to contact Jess Malott in the Career Services Office if you have any questions about applying! If you would like to subscribe to Iowa Law’s judicial clerkship email listserv, please send your request to, and include your graduation year in the email.

Class Ranking Info for the Class of 2016

Class Ranking Information for the Class of 2016

Students in the top 10% of their class will receive an email letter with their exact rank.

The grade point average at the 12.5% and 37.5% follows:

Cass of 2016 – 12.5% GPA is 3.70;        37.5% GPA is 3.44,     based on 92 students.

As soon as all grades are submitted for upper class students ranking information for the class of 2014 and 2015 will be posted.

2014 Hispanic National Bar Association Career Fair

2014 Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) Career Fair
Friday, September 12, 2014
Renaissance Hotel Downtown
Washington, DC

On Friday, September 12, 2014, as part of its 39th Annual Convention in Washington, D.C., the HNBA will host its annual Career Fair, the largest Hispanic Career Fair for legal professionals in the country. The HNBA Career Fair is open to all law students. This year’s convention is poised to be one of the largest and most significant in HNBA’s history with numerous private and government employers from across the country attending. The Career Fair will provide you with an unparalleled opportunity to meet and interview with some of the nation’s most respected law firms, companies, and government agencies. The HNBA Career Fair is also a unique and cost-effective way to find future employment or internships. Online registration for the Career Fair is now open on the HNBA website, and Early Bird Registration ends June 1, 2014; Advance Registration ends August 1, 2014.

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