Spring Break Recap: Rebuilding continues to be a problem in New Orleans

Scott McKenzie, a 1L describes his experience doing legal work at New Orleans Legal Aid.

Today a woman asked me to pray for her. To pray that she would be one of the 300 names drawn at random to receive some government assistance to finish rebuilding her home. Of the billions of dollars allocated to Louisiana to recover from a natural disaster, there is still so much need that the woman was reduced to asking for prayers. How is her house? Full of mildew and mold, open to the elements after a con artist “contractor” took her money and she was left in government supported housing in Mississippi. So I prayed for her, that she might come home to the city where she was born and lived and worked for seven decades before Katrina. The drawing is March 30th, maybe you could give her a quick prayer too.

I have this idea that people like to be called “mam” when I am in the south. So I said “mam” about 15 times in 4 minutes while trying to file my first motions. It is fair to say that the clerk at the courthouse may have known I am still working on some of the deeper complexities of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, but all the same she returns my weak smile with some southern charm and helped me get the time stamps and directed me to the judges chambers so his clerk could sign a in form paupers so our client could proceed in her lawsuit against a thieving contractor even if she didnt have enough money. Mission accomplished, and 2 hours before the deadline. Time to go back to the office and work on the stack of 30 more clients in the same situation.

For more information about alternative spring break in New Orleans, click here:  For more information about alternative spring break in New Orleans, click here: http://clp.law.uiowa.edu/clp/?p=1553

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